Adult Class Registration

Free Trial Class Registration

In Studio Schedule

From Fall to Spring



3:50-4:35pm: Ballet A (3-4yo)

4:40-5:25pm: Ballet B (5-6yo)

Character dance

5:30-6:25pm: Ballet C & D & E (7yo and up)


6:30-7:25pm: Ballet D & E (8yo and up)

Pointe Beginners

7:30-8:25pm: Ballet D & E (11yo and up)



4-4:55pm: Ballet C (6-8yo)

5-5:55pm: Ballet D ADV (9-11yo)

6-7:25pm: Ballet E ADV(12yo and up)


7:30-8pm: Ballet E (12yo and up)



5:30-6:25pm: Ballet С (6-8yo)

6:30-7:55pm: Ballet E INT (12yo and up)



5-5:55pm: Ballet D INT (9-11yo)

6-7:25pm: Ballet E ADV (12yo and up)


7:30-8pm: Ballet E (12yo and up)


Private classes / Rehearsals 



9:15-9:45am: Pre Ballet (2.5-3yo)

9:50-10:35am: Ballet A (4-5yo)

10:40-11:35am: Ballet B (5-6yo)

11:40-12:35pm: Ballet C (7-8yo)


12:40-1:35pm: Ballet C & D & E (7yo and up)


1:40-2:35: Ballet D ADV (9-11yo)


“Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker” rehearsals (Sep-Jan)

Pricing & Policies

FREE Trial Class

Single Class - $39

Annual Tuition Pricing:
$1350.00/year Once A Week

$2580.00/year (2x A Week)

$3650.00/year (3x A Week)

$4500.00/year (4x A Week)

$5320.00/year (5x A Week)

$6042.00/year (6x A Week)

$6650.00/year (7x A Week)

Pointe class: $494 (1x A Week) / $912 (2x A Week) / $1140 (3x A Week)

Annual Registration Fee - $40
Separate from class prices, annual registration fee is due for all student before first class (except for FREE Trial Class). No registration fee with Annual Tuition.

Payment Plans:

Tution can be paid two times (Sep & Feb) with 2% interest.

Tution can be paid monthly with 10 times payments (Sep-Jun) with 3% interest.

Contact us by phone or email for details.

Additional Student Discount
If you are registering a sibling of an existing student enrolled at American Russian Ballet, then you qualify for the Additional Student Discount. Simply enter the name of the existing student on the registration form, and enter promo code ADDITIONAL at checkout for 10% off the listed price.

Credit Card Payments include a 3% processing fee. Cash / Check - NO processing fee.

Studio Policies

Arrive in a timely manner dressed or with enough time to get dressed before class. Please be courteous and wait in the waiting area before class starts. Parents are permitted to be in our class for the Trial Class and the students first class. After this time we ask ALL parents to wait in our waiting area while class is in session.

Media Release
Classes may be photographed or video recorded for website, social media, and promotional purposes.

Dress Code

Girls Pre-Ballet, Ballet A&B
• Light pink or white sleeveless leotard
• Light pink tights
• Pink slippers
• Hair in ballet bun

Girls Ballet-C and Up
• Black sleeveless leotard
• Light pink tights
• Pink or skin slippers
• Hair in ballet bun

• White short-sleeve T-shirt
• Black leggings or black shorts above the knee
• Black ballet slippers

** No Rosin**